Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Spirit of the Lord is saying,This is the time I have told you about before,that I will pour out My Spirit over all flesh.........Yes says the Lord, I am raising up My Young Children now from all around the world ,everywhere.....all nations says the Lord...Now you will see My Young Children preparing My Way ;says the Lord..Nations are hungering for Me & My Word says the Lord. I will stop this part of the great fammine across the land for Me & My Word says the Lord,through My Young Children says the Lord, they will raise up church meetings everywhere, they will hold prayer across the world ,everywhere, now says the Lord...and they will open their mouths and speak My Word Throughout the land everywhere.;they will not be ashamed of Me says the Lord.
My Prophetic Words will now be flowing through the mouths of young children everywhere ,says the Lord.......Many of you fear speaking My Word, as it is much forbidden in many places...So I am bringing forth my Young Children now says the Lord..My Young Children have no fear, and they will in no way close their mouths , says the Lord, they will hate my Young Children because of their boldness & openness for Me says the Lord. Yes, I also have put Great Boldness in all My Prophets says the Lord, Now you will see this great Move of MY prophets everywhere .........Now is the time, it will be needed everywhere.
You cannot make it now without Me says the Lord,Everything around you will crumble, everything is going to fall, Now is the time, you will see people on the streets , no money,no homes,running to & fro afraid, not knowing where to go or what to do,This is where My Church,My Prophets everywhere, will go forth & reach the lost & hurting everywhere, says the Lord
As Nations now cry out for Me everywhere ,yes My Young Children are positioned now, and they will open their mouths for Me now says the Lord...The World will be in Shock over they have tried to do away with My heritage says the Lord.......all babies are My Heritage says the these young children will appear to be multiplied as never before, and for this reason, the world will be in Shock.........
As the Fammine for My Word already stretches across the nations everywhere, My young children will answer now, says the Lord........
Nations will now come together says the Lord, and in this move, you will see My people connecting all around the world now, says the Lord, now as never before .Yes says the Lord, all across the nations, as they pull together in My Name,;many think the gathering of the nations will be harmful ,just not for a good cause, do not forget Me says the Lord, I am in there says the Lord,and I have a Mighty Cause. They will be singing praises unto Me now says the Lord, and the link of this movement is brought about through all My Prophets everywhere.;especially the great new thing I am doing in the land through My Young Children , says the Lord.
Get ready now, says the Lord, for a Great Pouring out of My Spirit everywhere.
Look, See, and Expect Now says the Lord...........As the time of trouble is now approaching everywhere across the land.....Now you will See Me in MY people & hear Me says the Lord , as never before...
Pray now more then ever before ,says the Lord.......There is Great Power in Prayer, and if My People who are called by My Name will humble themselves,repent and call on Me , I will answer says the Lord........and they are doing this everywhere now , says the Lord...
I am calling My House now, to be a Great House of Prayer.......everywhere.........This is to be the Mighty Sound of My Voice crying out throughout the Land,says the Lord.........and it will be heard across the entire World now, says the Lord.
My Prophets everywhere will now come forth unto Me ,says the Lord, and I have given you much boldness, and you will create an uprising of My Spirit of Fire , Everywhere now, says the Lord.........You will see My Fire now in My Church Bldgs .says the Lord, as Never will not be quiet,says the Lord.
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  1. adding on Aug.'13 Jacob's trouble nears. The world is upside down now, the adversary is snaching all he can in this hour.Many of you Fear the enemy, you fear to lose your lives..I warned you of this, not to love your life and want to save it.Nations are going down says the Lord.
    They reject my salvation grace for them..I will allow this. Fires,Floods,earthquakes,volcanos, nation will stand now, w/out Me says the Lord your God